Wednesday, 3 October 2012

'It’s not achievement, success, or a legacy. It’s a clear path to reach those things, and that path is available only by a conscious lifestyle. Expanding your awareness is the best thing you can create in life, because it serves as the foundation for meaning, purpose, inspiration, love, and personal evolution'.
- Deepak Chopra MD New York Times bestselling author.
Hi, Well, I hit some bloggers yesturday with requests for reviews. Two were lovely and got straight back to me.
Becky Johnson [] THANKS SO MUCH.
And Lunar Haven RD.  For passing on my tweet to pass it on!
I hope all the networking I have been up to yields some positive results.
My Samashwords at last count was 168 downloads (of which 35 were partial samples). And 49 downloads to smashwords libraries.
Offering your book for free means you can be more pushy with telling people. We have worked out for every hour I spend networking on the computer I get 1 download. So I have been getting around ten or more a day. Which is a change from sitting at 6 for 6 weeks.
I am still yet to master Kindle boards Linked in and I'm sure much more.
Advertising on a budget: I have two adds each on Gumtree (one free one paid), Goodreads and facebook. So they are hopefully working for me too.
I'm on kindle for $2.99. I am yet to really work that site. Because I'm now doing free on smashwords so that I can get it out there. The next book I may offer on KDP SELECT. this is exclusive for like 3 months - but if it gets hits then why not. Bev my editor is trying it when I hear back from her I will decide.
If you had have told me I would be excited about giving away my hard work when I was in the process of burning the candle - and my finances -at both ends to get it out there, my heart would have sank.
I know of I get people reading it and telling their friends, classmates and librarians about it (and librarians telling others about it). Then I can maybe make a buck on it when word spreads.
I am in the middle of editing Fever- the sequel to Wolf Sirens. 
Everyone is on holidays this week, my editor, my cover designer- and my proof reader just had an operation on her foot! and my tutor for pathology has an eye issue.
Not to worry this has given me plenty of time to live hunched over my computer in the dark for 10 hours a day, networking and networking. Advertising and promoting.
Due to my numbers on smashwords, something I am doing is working (offering it for free and telling everyone online).
the second book is were I have to make up all the money I've spent on my hobby. At least now my family is starting to take me more seriously... 
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