Monday, 18 March 2013

List of characters I made for the beginning of book three Wolf Sirens Night Fall

Tisane Hunter

Tormey Hunter

Cresida James

Tabetha Horrel

Bronsen James

Lila Crain

Sophie Knight/Crain

Caroline Doil

Sam’s pack

Samantha Thompson

Sky Harton

Bianca Benson

Lily Page

Jackson Hastings

Reid Davies

Giny Archer

Mountain Pack





Bert (Robert)

Cult Pack

Paws (Dieter Pawston)


Blair Whitlock

Greg Sutton

Angele Bekert

Shelly Bealy






Reviews from the Tour
Lila struggles to make friends and be accepted. Finally she is accepted by "the in group" and things get better for awhile. Again she is rejected from the group and is miserable but this time she loses someone that has come to mean a lot to her.


Full of paranormal suspense and teen angst, this book will keep you reading.

4 stars

Victoria Storm


I love the incorporated mythology into this book. I found it interesting before, but after reading this book, I love the story even more. The uniqueness of this book surprised me. The Author did such an amazing job of coming up with something new. I will not get this book confused with another similar work- because there is no book near this one.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was shocked at the end. I had not expected that. The author took risks and they paid off.

If you want a book with Mythology, mystery, heartache, confusion, romance, and –oh, yeah- wolves, then check this series out

4 Stars

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Smith creates a world where mythology meets reality to give birth these magical creatures with sassy personalities. With a story told from Lila’s point of view, Wolf Sirens introduces us in the path of an extraordinary girl.

This is a story with a beautiful writing style, a solid story upon which the wolves myth is built and with likable characters. One of the strongest point of the book is the ability the author has to keep us conjecturing all the time, to not reveal unnecessary information and most important to really portrait the passion and strength behind Lila’s actions

My Review

The author does a wonderful job putting her own spin in mythology. Yes there is a lot of werewolf books out but these one will have no problem standing out on it's own. The way it is written is wonderful and seems different. I really like the authors way of writing. The plot has a twist to it that does leave you wanting more. If you think you have read all the same old books about werewolves pick this one up. I am sure it will change your mind.

4 out of 5 Stars

-Pam Richmond

Wolf Sirens was a mixture of paranormal and mythology, the legend of Artemis leads for an intriguing read. I liked the way this was paced, you are not sure what the secrets each of the teens is keeping or what their interest in Lila, but as it unfolds the book is impossible to put down. I can’t wait until the next book in the series, it looks to be an exceptional series.

- Em


Book Signings scheduled at Dymocks West Lakes Adelaide  on the 1st June and also on the 15th June at Dillons books on Parade.
 Tina’s answer to twilight.

The female protagonist, Lila is just an ordinary girl with dreams, which dull even her, until she meets the angelic faced teenagers that invite her into their clique. Shocked to discover they are werewolves as one attacks her, she is saved by the mysteriously scared Cresida James. Enamoured with the wolves, suddenly, deeply, driven by forbidden desire she longs to be part of their eternal world. Suspense builds as she learns their secret, but then must come to terms with the fact that she is the one thing that threatens their existence. Chosen by the spirit of Artemis, what she is, and who she is are two different people and somewhere inside her the love and desire she feels dooms her to make choices, which will either go against her kind or destroy the creatures she loves.  

I have enrolled in KDP SELECT and will have free days on the 27th to the 31st of March!

 In the next couple of days I will donate some books to my local super school library. I organised to have a press release via Instructions:  0.99 cent books Dot com. I will pitch local radio and local messenger news paper about my signings in June. In other news I received a cheque from a chain of local book stores The Book Boys, downside was I already spent the same amount on advertising. I have joined every free book facebook page I could find and I will have to tell bloggers about my free days on KDP. Does anyone have any other ideas?

 Likes are good too, I reciprocate. Thanks for the great feedback so far.

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