Wednesday, 1 May 2013

This is for dog owners: Interesting morning, here's a story for you. I struggled out of bed at 8.00, bleary-eyed and patted my sweet Billey who was stretching on the bed, before rising with me to get dressed. Twenty minutes of maddness followed of school bags, lunches and hair brushes. Before we found his lead and took off for our morning walk to school. He pulls me along, barks at birds, looks over fences and lunges towards cats. He is a dog and he is the sweetest most intellgent loving animal.
When we were mostly there I felt the dog pull back and though I attempted to drag him forwards (which is odd becasue he usually walks me), when I saw why. He was taking a dump and I had rudely dragged him, he gave me a somewhat annoyed look but as he obviously needed to go, he dropped a steamer on the grassy medium strip.
Now being the responsible pet owner/citizen that I am I quickly pulled a large scented glad bag from my pocket and hurriedly scooped it up, holding my breath and then I promptly put it in the nearest garbage bin, as it was bin day the street was linned with them.
On my way back 10 minutes later a lady came out of the house and addressed me in her driveway asking if I had put something in her bin. I very honestly replied that, yes I had scooped up my dogs poo and put in a garbage bag and disposed of it. She asked me to kindly not do it again and that I should put it in my own bin (which was three streets away). I said okay then, I will take it out. She started saying I could leave it this time but I said "No I enjoy the smell." (sarcastically) and I took the warm bag out of her bin and was quite determined to take it all the way home when I had hardly made it two steps when a lady and her one year old baby asked to pat my beautiful dog. I was standing there as the little child patted him, holding the stinking bag when I gave up and threw it in her nieghbours bin instead. The woman with the baby wished me a good day and I replied in kind. Next time I may leave it on the medium strip in front of the angry womans house (even though this is illegal). Also I didn't deliberately plan for my dog to shit or to use the womans bin. Nor do I want to carry a fresh dog terd for half a kilometre while I am on my walk meeting babies and other people with senses of smell. I am sure her bin stank before the shit went in and that it will stink after becasue it is a garbage bin!
I am not saying she was right or wrong or that I was right, but jesus christ am I supposed to not walk my dog, lock him up and put a nappy on him?
-hey if you can't do anything about it, have a good bitch on your blog, right?