Saturday, 13 April 2013

I can’t feel you, loving me, from across the room.

Promises broken like shattered dreams across the cabin floor, separate you and me like water that I desire to cross, to feel the cut, rather than nothing, to feel you. As my lunar skin leaks rivers of blood that soak the forest floor with my emotion. It hurts but not as much as one look from you, angry - that cuts my personallity. I bleed for you but you don’t bleed for me and it hurts to be so close and yet so alone. As you stare at me intimidatingly. My need drains me and it’s you that sustains me, but you are across a wide sea of shattered glass stained with the red tears of my love for you.  And across it you don’t reach, neither to comfort me or tend the wound. Won’t you hold me instead of staring through me, coldly. Will you end it soon?

-     Tina Smith