Monday, 22 October 2012

As an experiment I have taken Wolf Sirens Forbidden (WS1) OFF SMASHWORDS WHERE  I REACHED OVER 250 DOWNLOADS! YAY!

And enrolled it into KDP Select - an exclusive 90 day Kindle program. I am offering it free on the 24th to the 26th of October 2012.

It occured to me that this is only a couple of short days away and I realized that I would have to promote it. (ahh!)

I would like a lot of hits.
If I don't get them I might as well have stayed in Smashwords and Goodreads and kindle.

The only reason I have done this is because no.1 my editor had success with it - but she does have other titles (sales of these also benefitted). I only have one title thus far, however the sequel is coming very soon (nov 1st, smashwords).

Apparently the free days on Kindle can generate a few thousand downloads, if your lucky quite a few thousand. And the theory is these people read it and like it you get reviews and they tell their friends.

I had two reviews on smashwords despite the fact that I had one on kindle vis goodreads reviewer (thanks Neried!) I decieded to give it a wirl. Only becasue I also no.2 have a sequel coming which is where you apparently recoup all the money you lose on the first giving it away free.

The thing is no one wants to take a risk on an unknown author so your first novel is a hard sell. Very hard. I found giving it out for free was a way around this. Smashwords was brilliant and really started cooking when I really put in the man hours on sites like goodreads telling people it was free.

The whole time WS1 was on kindle I had one download.

Lets see if offering it free on KDP Select for three days chages this. Lets hope it wasnt a mistake, because it is stuck there for the better part of three months. In which time I could be losing Smashwords downloads.

And please if you down load it and read it and like it please leave a review.

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